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 Allworx 6x with 4 IP 9112 VoIP phones. Exciting new VoIP technology. Enterprise class features include: Internet connectivity; full PBX and key system; remote user access; follow-anywhere call routing; 3 way calling; multi-site calling; message alerting; enhanced call reporting; and upgrade available for up to 60 extensions. Built-in automatic backup and an Email server supporting both POP3 and SMTP. IMAP4 technology enables user access to voicemail and Email in multiple mailboxes. One-unit form factor eases administration and enhances reliability. An ideal system that offers flexibility and  expandability. ... $2,299.99 ... Allworx 6X


Nortel Norstar MICS(NT7B54FB)0x32 KSU System
with the latest 7.1 software. The Norstar-PLUS Compact ICS is packed with well over a hundred powerful features, including Integrated Automated Attendant which easily answers your calls and routes them to a chosen person or group; Auto Daylight Savings Time, Paging, Music on Hold, Automatic Set Relocation, and Toll Restriction,  Caller name and ID functionality; T-1 compatibility and much more.  with 2 year warranty: $2,995.00 ... Norstar 0x32...

Music On Hold
Professionalize your office with the Premier 1100Music On Hold. Features continuous audio playback with ease. MP3 music is stored on a removable USB Flash drive and plugged into the USB hub on the unit. Loading the unit is as easy as plugging in a USB drive! Load the music you choose; drag & drop MP3's into a USB port on your computer, and plug the USB drive into the USB1100. No special software needed. ..$349.00 ...Music on Hold.

Norstar Nortel Meridian Telephone Systems Phone System


Nortel Norstar Meridian. One of our most popular systems. Comes with five new T7316E phones. Features  include 22 One-touch programmable buttons/caller ID card for four lines and sixteen extensions. Latest software; Automated Attendant;  Comes with a new Call Plot with 4 ports/10 mailboxes and nine hours of storage space. . $1,899.00 ... Norstar Meridian..


Comdial DX 80 system
; 4 lines 8 extensions 4 analog ports and 40 button display; speaker telephones; 100 Mailboxes with 3.5 Hours Of Storage of Voice Mail. Built-in Caller ID; Direct Inward Dialing; can be configured to serve multiple premises; supports automatic fax detection; One internal music source included; Public Address interface; Door/Gate Control interface. $1,599.95 ...Comdial DX 80 ..

Reconditioned Special; Nortel Norstar Meridian PBX 616 KSU;
1 refurbished ASH M7310 speaker display phone and 3 refurbished ASH M7208 speaker display phones. Music on hold capability/conference calling/transfer/redial/paging and more! Installation CD included. $525.00 ... Norstar Meridian PBX 616 ...

Avaya Partner ACS 5 Phone System  

Avaya Partner ACS Voice Mail 5 Phone Systems. 1 year warranty. PARTNER® Advanced Communications System is designed to help meet the complex business needs facing small enterprises today - with room for growth tomorrow. The "brain" of the system is a compact processor modular that supports 3 incoming lines and 8 extensions. The maximum system configuration is 15 lines and 48 extensions, or 31 lines and 8 extensions. Depending on your requirements, the processor module can operate on its own or with a 2-slot or 5-slot carrier and additional expansion modules. These expansion modules add lines and extensions to the system, or additional features like voice messaging and symmetric digital subscriber line (SDSL) support. .$1,599.95 ... Avaya Parner ACS ...



Nortel Call Pilot 150 8-Port x 32 Mailboxes - It Starts with 32 mailboxes and expands to 300 mailboxes. 24 hours storage (Can Expand Up to 59 Hours). Automated Attendant - Answers incoming lines with your personalized greeting - tailored for the time of day, day of week, holiday schedule and calling line ID. Custom Call Routing - Provides the routing tree that determines how calls are directed (e.g. "For questions about your account, press 1..."). CCR can include multiple levels, so the caller can self-direct to exactly the right destination. $1,449.00 ...Nortel Call Pilot 150



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By Jody Johnson

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, describes the signal used for telephone service over the Internet. VoIP works by translating traditional, or analog, phone signals into digital signals that can be sent over the internet. VoIP is an extension of Internet Protocol (IP), the established technology for communicating over the Internet, and replaces the customary TDM, or Time-Division Multiplexing, signal for telephone service. With VoIP, you can still call traditional, non-VoIP phones; the transmission is converted back to an analog signal before reaching its terminal.  For users, there is virtually no difference when making or receiving a telephone call with VoIP.

The requirements for VoIP are: a high-speed Internet connection--such DSL, cable modem, fiber optic, and satellite--and either an adaptor for a traditional phone or a specialized IP phone. Using VoIP directly through your computer will require installing software and adding speakers and a microphone.

Generally, VoIP offers all the benefits of traditional phone connections. In virtually all respects, use of an IP phone is identical to a regular phone. All the connections of a user’s regular phone are available with VoIP, and, as a general rule, telephone numbers are easily transferred. Increasingly, VoIP is being used for connections in Wi-Fi and wireless ... read more ... 


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